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Traditional Drum Performance of Sri Lanka

As part of a program (Tapestry of Sacred Music), traditional drum performance of Sri Lanka was performed as grand finale on one of the nights in Esplanade Open Theatre, Singapore.   Drums are a significant part of religious ceremony, culture festivals and celebrations in Sri Lanka.  Seven dancers walked in with different drums in their hands, each of them wearing the costume resembling to the drums used in different dances.   The entire performance was divided into three parts where the first part started with synchronized performance of all drummers moving uniformly. The anklets worn by the drummers added jingles to the thunderous banging sounds coming from the drums.  The second part was my favorite where two dancers step forward each time and compete against each other.  It was fun to watch the Jugalbandi when the drummers started intimidating their partners with actions and facial expressions. The artists and the audience took everything in good humor. The third part was where the Kandyan drummers started doing acrobats with the drums. Each of them came forward and did pirouette in their own style. This 10 minute performance is also recorded in the video shown below.

Drum Performance 1Drum Performance3Drum Performance5Drum Performance6

Drum Performance4


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