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Suryagarh Hotel, Jaisalmer

Set against the idyllic backdrop of Thar desert, Suyagarh Jaisalmer strikes a great balance of luxury and heritage.

As my cab drove through the massive gates of this boutique hotel, I could hear the roaring sound of the drums welcoming the visitors. “Khamma Ghani”, the staff said greeting me with refreshing welcome drinks and showering fresh fragrant rose petals as I stood gazing at the wide hallways of the hotel.  I was puzzled for a moment and wondered if this place qualified as one of the key sightseeing places of Jaisalmer. I asked if Suryagarh was a restored fort or a heritage palace? The staff humbly smiled acknowledging the compliment and assured me that its a newly constructed hotel inaugurated in 2010. The latticed windows, sprawling impressive courtyards, and carved pillars gives a local feel to the place. Although a luxury hotel, the place still holds the charm of the culture and traditions of Rajasthan.




As I entered the lift, I was amused by the small sofa inside the lift. This was definitely moving up in life Maharaja style! On second thoughts I wondered if the elevator was that slow ?? I sat on the sofa inside the elevator and relaxed for few seconds as it moved up by one floor 😀

I stepped into my room which was well lit and had a simplistic touch to it. The rooms had huge terraces with an overlooking view of the windmills. I was impressed with the invitation letter mimicking the royal seal to attend the Rajasthani folk dance and music. There were delicious sweets kept beside the invitation letter. In my excitement to taste them, I forgot to capture those in a photograph!


There were porches in the garden area of the hotel where I witnessed the setting sun casting its glow on the mustard gardens. The garden had beautiful white and red roses to gleaming yellow sunflowers and marigolds.


After the sunset, I walked towards the central courtyard where the folk musicians of the Manganiar community were getting ready for the event.  As it grew darker, it was a sight to see Suryagarh basked in the glow of the lights from lanterns. I sat there listening to the folk music and watching the traditional Rajasthani dance.


The food was simple yet tasty. I was spoiled for options during my breakfast. I would like to mention one dish which was simply outstanding and was made on my special request by the Chef at Suryagarh. The dish was none other than the traditional Rajasthani sweet dish – Ghevar.

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A stay in Suryagarh is an unparalleled experience and I highly recommend it. There are very few hotels which manage to charm you and carve a niche amongst the other luxury and premium places. Suryagarh is one of them! The traditional touch of local culture makes Suryagarh blend into the dunes of Jaisalmer.

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