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Paragliding at Solang Valley

Solang Valley is known for its lush greenery and dense forests.  A complete contrast to this greenery is topped by snow capped mountains on the background.  They offer paragliding rides from different places based on heights and view of the valley.  I decided to try my first paragliding ride.  For first timers, the guide escorts with you during the ride.  That was so comforting but it didn’t last long when I looked down the cliff. Gulp 🙁 ! Do I need to jump from this height ? I looked at the guide and again down the cliff. What if the rope breaks? The chute doesn’t work ? My mind was getting weak with all those crazy thoughts.  Last minute back out ? Just then my guide called me and I walked the slowest of my walk towards him.  He tied the clasp which I pulled again tightly just to make sure.  He was behind me and we took few steps back.  As the parachute took off, the noise cooled down. I looked down with hesitation and was amazed to see the view below me.  The chute started moving in zigzag fashion due to the wind. I was very scared and wanted to get down as soon as possible.  In few minutes I landed up with a thud running on the ground few meters ahead along with the chute. Even though it was my first para gliding experience, I doubt if I ever enjoyed it. I was amazed by the view and scared to death at the same time.  Too many emotions flooded in those fraction of seconds. It was an experience for sure but to remember the emotion I need to be up in the air again!

Solang Valley 1Solang Valley 2

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