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Singapore Flyer

“Waking up,  ready for some action
Strapping in, ready for the ride
Going big now that I can take it,
All the way to cloud 9”

Singapore flyer reminds me of Cloud 9 song.   Saturday evening we decided to take this ride.  We expected crowd on weekends specially during sunset hours.  But to our surprise there were only 10 to 15 people ahead of us.  Looked like this was not much of a priority list when it comes to sight seeing.  We purchased our tickets 33$ per person.  There are several options other than the regular ticket. Premium options include individual flight privilege  with cocktails, sky dining, champagne flights and so on.  Each of these packages have different time, price and rotation duration.  We decided to keep it simple.  I was not too enthusiastic on spending more bucks for premium cabin when the view outside was same.


Waiting to get inside the capsule. I just took a shot of one of the premium capsules that passed us.


View of a regular capsule


Singapore Flyer is 150 m in diameter and 165 m in height. It has 28 capsules and each capsule can hold 28 passengers. It travels at 0.24 m per second and each rotation takes about 30 minutes.

Views from the flyer were breathtaking.  We were able to spot F1 circuit, Marina barrage, gardens by the bay , Sail, floating stadium.  It was a beautiful 360 degree panoramic view.  The sun was just setting down.  People say on good days they were able to spot neighbouring countries like Malaysia and Indonesia.  I could spot only few mountains not sure if they were those.  Not a good day maybe.

You never realize that you are moving.  I read that flyer was not rotating the same direction when it started.  The direction of rotation was changed when geomancers pointed out that flyer was taking wealth away from Singapore.

 Few minutes before the descend I kept my camera down and decided to enjoy the ride. We took this ride during sunset hours but I feel the night shot too will be worth it.  Overall a very pleasant ride.

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