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Sands Skypark

“Take me to Marina Bay Sands Hotel”, I asked the cab driver.  He quickly turned almost excited and asked “Casino, lah?” I laughed and said “No, just the hotel lobby.” I was sure that he will almost look like I speak Greek if I say that I am going to see the Skypark Observation Deck.  MBS (Marina Bay Sands) Hotel designed by  Israeli Architect Moshe Safdie, is one of the classy architectures with a design of ship on top of the three slanting 57 storied towers.  The Infinity Pool at the top of the building is a landmark and most talked about in the city.  I asked at the ticket counter while purchasing the tickets for the Observation Deck if I could get access to the Infinity Pool?  The lady condescendingly smiled and replied – “The Pool can only be accessed by the guests staying at the hotel”.   Damn! my charms didn’t work 😀 . The cost of the ticket was S$23.00. Skypark is on 56th Floor and Infinity Pool is on 57th Floor. So technically I will not be on the top of the building while viewing from the observation deck 🙁 . Before going on the 56th floor, they take your snap and the moment you reach the 56th floor, they are ready with the photo frame of you standing in front of the Marina Bay Sands Hotel as background.  There was nothing awesome in that photo as the same can be obtained when you walk on the promenade waterfront area.  The photo was not for free so I decided to give that a pass. I walked into the observation area. The first thing you notice is the glowing lights of gardens by the bay.  The flickering led lights on the super tree groves is a beauty to watch when it changes its color from blue to yellow to purple to red.  As you walk further to the left you see iconic landscapes and buildings like Singapore flyer, floating stadium, business district, naval dockyard,Art Science Museum, Helix Bridge and many more. They have a restaurant which can be accessed from the observation deck.  The entire observation deck is covered partly by glass panel.  I climbed up to the top to see unrestricted views from the restaurant area.  I also got a chance to see part of the Infinity pool. I could see people swimming till late night enjoying the breath taking views of the city.  It must be some sight and also scary to go swimming till the edge of the building and stare at the city from 200 m above the sea level. The pool is the world’s largest outdoor pool at that height.  When you look at the infinity pool, you feel that the water just extends to the horizon.  I stood there capturing the busy night life of Singapore. The good part was there was no time limit on spending on the deck. People sat there in the dark enjoying the fresh air and beautiful view of the city.  I felt the view would be even better if I had come during the sunset time.  I liked the views of Singapore Flyer with the road going past and through the big giant ring.  There were couple of interesting shots of Flyovers along with the helix bridge forming a fork. The only issue is the deck doesn’t offer you 360 view and the area of view is limited.  I still prefer the view I get from the Flyer. MBS Skypark is a one time experience to get photographs of Flyer with different perspectives along with a sneak peak of Infinity Pool.

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  1. You got some great shots from MBS! 🙂 I am lucky enough to have spent time in the hotel and pool, and I can say that there is not a sheer drop, there is a little service walkway under the edge of the pool itself, so even if you floated over it, you wouldn’t fall down 57 stories! 😛

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