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River Safari

This new year I decided to celebrate differently.  Lets go Wild…

And we hit the Singapore zoo and River Safari.  River Safari is a river themed zoo and aquarium.  The park has different Eco systems around the world including River Nile, Congo, Ganges, Mekong, Mississippi, Amazon.

For me that was not the main attraction.  I was waiting to see my favorite Pandas.  I like watching Pandas.  River Safari had a pair of male and female panda named as Jia Jia and Kai Kai.

There they sit nibbling on the leaves seemingly uninterested on the crowd that eagerly waits to catch their glimpse.  I just wonder how are they able to climb with their clumsy bodies.  Spending half of the day eating and rest half in resting.  Sounds like a Panda Plan !


We had some chocolate custard bun from Mama Panda Kitchen

The next thing was boat ride and Amazon River Quest.  We had to separately purchase tickets for Amazon River Quest which is about 5$ per person.  But this is definitely worth a trip if you are planning to go to River Safari.

Amazon River Quest:

Next was a complimentary boat ride which is included in the river safari ticket.  You can see the animals from Singapore zoo during the ride.  Sit on the left side of the boat during the journey for better views.


Then we head to Monkey Forest and Amazon flooded forest. The entire river safari trip took us about 3 hours. They have free shuttle service to the nearest Khatib MRT every 20 minutes.

I found Singapore Zoo much interesting than River Safari. The only highlights of the trip were watching Pandas and Amazon River Quest.

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