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Marina Barrage

Marina Barrage is a dam built across the Marina Channel at the confluence of five rivers. It provides three in one benefits to Singaporeans – water supply, flood control and recreation.  The barrage forms the first reservoir (Marina reservoir) in the Singapore city. This reservoir collects water from five waterways: Singapore River, Stamford Canal, Rochor Canal, Geyland River and Kallang River. Before the construction of Marina Barrage, low lying areas like Jalan Besar, Geylang and China Town were prone to flooding during heavy rains. The barrage helps to alleviate flooding in these low lying areas.  The flood control operations has nine crest gates and seven drainage pumps. During low tide and heavy storm the crest gates are lowered to push excess water from reservoir into the sea.  During high tide as the crest gates cannot be lowered, the drainage pumps push the water into the sea.  Hence the water in the Marina basin remains unaffected by high or low tides and so it is used for different kinds of recreational activities like surfing, boating, kayaking and so on.  The Green Roof on the top floor is where people get together for lunch and fun activities.  It is also a popular place for kite flying.  The gallery on the second floor gives you complete information on how the dam was initiated and constructed over time. The view from the green roof is amazing with fresh breath of air to see Singapore’s famous buildings like Sail and Flyer from a different perspective.


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