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Lake (Lack) of Dreams

Lake of Dreams is a show which happens every night at 9.30 pm near the Festive Walk on Resorts World Sentosa in Singapore. The show starts with different light displays on the stage matching the five elements of the nature.  This is later accompanied by water fountain show where the same sequence gets repeated for few seconds forming repetitive patterns till it gets stuck on your mind.  Lastly the water forms the shape of a whale swimming which further awakes the angry dragons.  Combination of jet water sprays with flames surrounding the spherical ball are seen on the stage.  In my opinion, the entire stage which was decorated nicely was wasted with a badly choreographed fountain show. The story line was weak and even the music bores you to death.  Wish the show was as dramatic as the title of the show o_O.  The only happy note I took was that the admission to the show was free.  I would suggest you to skip this if there are other priorities on your checklist to Resorts World Sentosa.

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