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The Helix Bridge- Tangled Walk of Life

Intricate and complicated as life , the helix bridge spreads across marina bay area to connect the Singapore’s Marina Center and Bayfront areas.  For the first time, a double helix structure has been used for a bridge inspired by the geometric arrangement of DNA.

Helix 3 lr

The 280 meter long bridge consists of four viewing galleries extended out from where one can view  Singapore skyline.  The bridge was designed by an Australian firm Cox Group, engineering firm Arup and Singapore based Architects 61.  Marina Bay Sands is one stop point to view amazing architectural creations like Sail, Helix bridge, Art Science Museum, Merlion and Flyer.  All of these can be seen from 3.5 km pedestrian loop around the bay.

Helix Walk

 The bridge is engineered to hold 10000 people at a time.  The sweeping structure is a visual treat at night.  The inner helix uses white light for pedestrians whereas the outer part accentuates with array of LED lights illuminating the steel mesh.  Pair of colored alphabets “c” and “g”,”a” and “t” are lit up in red and green symbolizing four bases of DNA (Cytosine, Guanine, Adenine and Thymine).


Helix Bridge Illuminates in Red

A normal DNA is a right handed helix but when you look at the double helix  bridge, you can notice that the design of the bridge is intentionally left handed.

Helix Bridge In Blue

Full View of Helix Bridge

Instead of a simple wire mesh with steel rods, Helix is a phenomenal design modeled on blueprint for life to represent Continuity, Renewal, Everlasting Abundance and Growth.  The net like design also represents Singapore’s fishing roots.  An interesting thing to note is when you walk from one end you cannot see the other end of the bridge due to the curvy design.  So when you walk along it you always discover new things -just the way of life.  A twisted molecular walk not to be missed 🙂

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