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Hadimba Temple

Boy meets girl, Girl falls in love with the boy and they get married. Usual love story with a slight twist. The girl is a demon who marries a human boy :D. The famous story is from the script of the famous Indian epic Mahabharata. Hadimba, a demonic woman vowed to marry the person who would defeat her brother who was very brave and fearless. When Bhima, one of the five Pandavas killed her brother, she immediately fell in love with Bhima’s bravery. They married and had a son Ghatotkacha (also a demon) who later proved to be a great warrior against the war with the Kauravas.  It is believed that Hadimba later went to the forest to perform penance and meditation. During this period, she attained several powers and attained divinity.  In 1553, Raja Bahadur Singh built a temple for her over the very rock she meditated which is now known as Hadimba Temple.

The ancient cave four storied temple at the foothills of Himalayas is surrounded by lush green deodar trees. There are many animal antlers along with the head mounted on the walls of the temple giving it a demonic feel. Probably it was built to justify the deity inside the temple. You won’t find an idol in the temple, just a footprint on a stone. A real yet interesting story is that the king who commissioned the design of the temple was so awestruck by its beauty that he ordered the artist’s right hand cut so that he won’t be able to duplicate the design elsewhere. But the artist was so enterprising that he trained himself to carve with his left hand and designed more beautiful temple in Chamba. The people of Chamba were so impressed by him that in the true spirit of mankind, they beheaded him – just to be sure :D.

Localities are seen outside the temple, making a living out of giving the rabbits to pose for camera.  Tourists hold the rabbit and even sit on the yaks and pose for their best pictures for few bucks.

Yeh Haseen Wadiyan, Yeh Khula Aasman”  by A. R. Rehman is the song which comes to my mind while travelling on the roads of Manali.  I stayed at Hotel Sarthak in Manali. My day started off with a cup of oats in goat’s milk. The view from my hotel balcony was amazing. Enchanting valleys, rugged terrains and picturesque mountains  were the highlights of the journey. Turbulent Beas river follows you throughout the journey. As the place is a hill station, the city itself gives you a feel of village.  I decided to call it a night after my visit to the Hadimba Temple. Grabbing a bag of fresh cherries, I walked towards my hotel planning my next itinerary to Rohtang Pass.

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