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Tasting Durian

Durian is also called king of fruits.  I was strolling around the streets and my attention caught on a fruit which resembled jackfruit though small in size and round in shape.  I love jackfruit, but then I was corrected to call it Durian.  Durians have a thorny husk but creamy flesh inside.  They say that you either hate or love durian.  I decided to give myself a durian test.

We went to Combat Durian Balestier Road and asked for Mao Shan Wang (also called Cat Mountain King).  The lady asked if we wanted sweeter or bitter?.  We decided to go for the sweeter one.  Better not to be adventurous on the first trial.

They gave us gloves before eating. The first bite was okay sort of creamy, buttery. But sooner I started eating couple of pieces, I felt nauseating. It almost felt as if the palate cannot handle it further. I didn’t find the smell pungent but the moment it went inside the mouth, I had an immediate puking reaction. We couldn’t even finish one half of the fruit. The lady asked us if we liked it. We apologetically looked at her. She laughed when we said we were first timers. She was kind enough to let go off few bucks as we failed to finish it up.

I just couldn’t believe it. Never ever I had this puking reaction when I ate any food. This sure stood as an exception. But we decided to not give up. Maybe we couldn’t have the fruit as whole but what about desserts with durian flavor? Should we give that a try? Later we went to an ice cream shop and tried the same Mao Shan Wang flavor. Again immediate reaction to throw it off. That was the moment I decided to stop further experimenting.

Passengers are not allowed to bring durians in public transport because of its nauseating smell. Honestly I didn’t find the smell nauseating as much as I found the taste of the fruit. But there is no ban on durian breath 🙂

Singapore’s Esplanade theater is designed to have appearance of a durian.


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