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Chasing Dolphins in Bali

One of my best memories of Bali was riding deep into the sea in spider boats to watch dolphins. As I stayed in Kuta, I was asked to get ready at 3 am in the morning to head to Lovina Beach. With sleepy eyes, I managed to reach Lovina after a rough 3 hours ride. It was still dark and I was still figuring a way to keep my eyes open. Lovina, located to the north of Bali is a popular dolphin watching location.  The beach was deserted with only the six of us waiting to board the boat. In the wee morning hour, the crystal blue waters looked serene on the beach. As I got into one of the spider boats, I looked towards the summit of the mountains. It was beautiful to see the sky changing its color to deep red hues as the sun rose slowly from behind the mountains. It was one of the most beautiful sunrises I had ever seen! As we sailed further deep into the sea, I was surprised to see the number of boats sailing into the sea in quest of dolphins.  Just as I sat there admiring the beauty of the sunrise, I heard elated screams of fellow spider boaters spotting dolphins. Our boatman slowly navigated his boat in the direction of the dolphins. There were few moments where we could only spot the fins on the surface of the clear waters. Minutes later, we could see the dolphins resurfacing again -swimming, flipping and having fun. But those moments lasted only for few seconds and it was harder to capture them on camera. I noticed few boatmen accelerating their boats directly into the path of the dolphins which blocked and scared them. As the sun continued to rise, our group of giant spiders kept changing direction to keep pace with the dolphin sighting. After 2 hours, we decided to return back to shore.

As we made our way back to Terra Firma, I suddenly realized how far into the sea we had sailed! It took us around 20 minutes to come back to shore. With cool breeze blowing over my face, I relaxed and watched the land approach.










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