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Category: City Highlights


A two day trip to Beijing earlier known as Peking is the capital of People’s Republic of China.  The name Beijing also means Northern Capital.  We reached Beijing at night […]

Weekend Getaway to Mahabaleshwar

The heat was getting unbearable and there was nothing much to do during one of the weekends in Pune.  The very thought of fresh strawberry cream, sky hugging mountains, chilly […]


After a fantastic trip in Turkey, we took a flight to Dubai which was a stop over before heading back home.  We were stationed for only three days.  We checked in […]

Yogyakarta (famously called Jogja)

A trip to Yogyakarta which people lovingly call as Jogja.  We were stationed at Bandung for a day. We stayed at Hotel Marceilla in Bandung. Bandung is famous for factory […]